Product Return & Refund Policy and Inventory Buy-Back Policy for Residents of the United States and Puerto Rico

Effective March 25, 2017


Thank you for choosing Isagenix!

We are committed to providing you with the highest-quality products you can find! However, if you are not 100% satisfied with a product for any reason, you may be eligible to return the product for a refund. Isagenix will accept returns under its Satisfaction Guarantee when the products were purchased directly from Isagenix. Refunds are issued for the full amount paid at the time of purchase, less shipping.


For Customer Purchases Directly from Isagenix

You have 30 days from the date of purchase to initiate a return of (a) your initial order of product; (b) product you are trying for the first time – this applies to any product you have not previously ordered; or (c) your first Autoship order.

Isagenix may consider accepting additional returns on a case-by-case basis, but reserves the right to deny any refund and/or cancel the Position of anyone who abuses the satisfaction guarantee.

The following items are non-refundable, except as required by law: membership fees, shipping fees, administration fees, literature and sales aids, seasonal, discounted or promotional items, and products that are not purchased directly from Isagenix (except as provided below for Retail Customers).


For Associates – Products Sold to Retail Customers

If your Retail Customer (a person to whom you sold Isagenix products in person) wants to return products purchased directly from you, follow this procedure:


  1. Create a sales slip for the product refund, including the date and price paid by the Retail Customer, and write “refund” across the face of the order.
  2. Refund the money directly to your Retail Customer and have them sign the sales slip as proof of return.
  3. Contact Isagenix to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and instructions for returning the product. You will also be required to provide a copy of the signed refund sales slip.


If eligible, Isagenix will issue a replacement for the returned products within 30 days of the product being logged as returned by our distribution center. Isagenix reserves the right to reject repetitive returns or replacements.


How to Initiate a Product Return

To initiate a return and request for refund, please email [email protected], or call us at (877)877-8111 to receive your Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). When contacting us, please have your Isagenix Member ID or invoice number available. Isagenix reserves the right to decline a refund if a RMA was not issued prior to returning the product(s).

If eligible for a refund, Isagenix will credit the original form of payment within 30 days of the product being logged as returned by our distribution center. Any BV/PV associated with the product(s) will be reversed and deducted from an Associate making a return and may be reversed and deducted from the Support Team, making the transaction revenue neutral for all parties.

Please Note: Although Isagenix will promptly begin the refund process, it may take up to 30 days or longer for refunds to be processed by the responsible financial institutions.


Receipt of Damaged or Defective Products

If you received a damaged or defective product, please contact Isagenix Customer Care at (877)877-8111 right away. Provided you contact us within 30 days, we will replace those products at no charge in lieu of a refund.


For Associates – Inventory Buy Back Policy

To protect Isagenix Independent Associates who wish to cancel their account and other Associates who may have accumulated more Isagenix products than they can sell or use within a reasonable time, Isagenix will buy back (repurchase), on reasonably commercial terms, currently marketable inventory purchased by that Associate within the 12-month period immediately before the request, subject to the terms and conditions of this Policy.

To be eligible for repurchase, product being returned must be:

  • In good, salable condition;
  • Purchased within one year before the date of return (except in the states of Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts and Wyoming, there is no time limitation on the return); and
  • In its original packaging, unopened, with seals and labels intact.

Products that are within three months of expiration, discontinued or announced as being discontinued, or were sold as seasonal, promotional or discounted items are generally not eligible for Buy Back. Membership and administrative fees, literature and sales aids are generally non-refundable, unless required by law or if Isagenix deems appropriate.

Although Isagenix typically treats its Associates more favorably than is required under this Policy, Isagenix reserves the right to require cancellation of an Associate's account as a precondition of a return under this Policy in the event that Isagenix reasonably suspects abuse of this Policy (for example, where there is evidence of manipulation or fraud, or multiple buy-back requests within a 12-month period). If an Associate’s account is closed or cancelled by the Associate or by Isagenix, the Associate waives and forfeits all present and future commission rights and any other rights he/she may have as an Associate.

The repurchase price will be the amount actually paid by the Associate for the products being returned, less shipping and any consideration received by the Associate for purchase of the products.

The Associate is responsible for shipping the products to Isagenix at the Associate’s expense.

BV, PV, commissions and bonuses credited or paid to Associates from the sale of returned product may be charged back and deducted from future payments to those Associates who originally received the commissions and bonuses.

If eligible for repurchase, Isagenix will credit the original form of payment within 30 days after the product has been logged as returned by our distribution center.

If any part of this Inventory Buy-Back Policy is inconsistent with any particular jurisdiction’s laws or regulations, Isagenix will comply with that jurisdiction’s requirements.


How to Initiate a Return of Inventory

Product returns must be accompanied by the Isagenix International Inventory Buy-Back Request Form. You may request the Form (and receive further information) by contacting Isagenix via email at [email protected] or by telephone at (877) 877-8111.




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