Eric & Amber H.

Location: Kamloops, BC
Lost: 80 lbs*
As Of: August 2007

The Hootons Like the Looks They Get Now

Struggling with different health problems during our lives left us both feeling insecure, inactive and wanting something better for ourselves. We had taken minimal action against our weight struggles separately, but together we're now able to achieve anything we put our minds to with the help of Isagenix. 

I was introduced to Isagenix five years ago and realized this was the way to have people look at me in a positive light, rather than the dreaded looks I would get from being obese. I lost over 30 pounds* and felt so good again that I started to date. Two years ago I fell in love and married Eric and we now have a 1–year–old son. After our son was born, I refocused on my health goals and losing some of the extra weight I gained during my pregnancy. 

The 2007 IsaBody Challenge was the perfect opportunity for my husband and I to get healthy and back in shape. Eric was skeptical about trying Isagenix, but because of my previous weight loss success he committed to staying on the products and working hard. 

Together we lost nearly 80 pounds.* Eric takes his "before" pictures pretty hard, but is thrilled about all that we have accomplished together. The healthy promise we made to ourselves turned into a new commitment to each other and our family. Having a new baby to worry about makes our dedication to good health and a cleaner, leaner life even greater. I thank Isagenix every day for giving me my life back and for helping my husband.
*Los testimonios de reducción de peso sólo aplican a las personas que aquí se presentan, no se pueden garantizar y no deberían considerarse típicos. En un estudio realizado en el año 2008, los participantes reportaron en promedio una pérdida de peso de 7 libras durante los primeros 9 días de seguir el Sistema de Limpieza Interna y Reducción de peso.