Anthony S.

Location: Lansdowne, Pennsylvania
Age: 35
Height: 6’0”
Was: 368 pounds
Lost: 97 pounds* (140 overall)
As Of: September 2011

“Fat Tony” Becomes “Incredible Shrinking DJ”

From diet pills that took the life of a friend to low-carb fad diets, Anthony had tried it all. He’d put up with the fat jokes; the judgmental stares; even public ridicule at a comedy show over his size.

Depressed and battling fatigue and anxiety at every turn, the 35-year-old from Pennsylvania was about to start scanning the phone book for gastric bypass doctors when an acquaintance from a motorcycle enthusiast forum mentioned Isagenix®.

“I watched video after video about Isagenix and it seemed like everyone was sincere about their experiences,” shares Anthony. “I decided to order it to see what would happen.”

He also joined the 2011 IsaBody Challenge® so he could have a cash incentive to keep him motivated.

As he began replacing his breakfasts and dinners with nutrient-dense IsaLean® Shakes, he began to rethink his eating habits. Lunch used to consist of a large pepperoni pizza with extra pepperoni. Doing basic calorie calculations, he figured he could either have a huge salad with tuna or chicken, cherry tomatoes and light dressing, or eat one small burger to meet the suggested 400 to 600 calories for his midday meal. Suddenly, adopting a healthier lifestyle began to click.

“It was hard the first week,” laughs Anthony. “You might feel angry or other things because you’re not eating like you used to, but your body is adjusting to what you want it to do.”

A DJ by trade, his late night “regulars” knew him as “Big Tony” or “Fat Tony” in the clubs and restaurants. Weeks into his Challenge, people began to notice a difference.

“They weren’t sure what to say—they wondered if I was sick or if I’d had an operation,” recalls Anthony. “Then they started nicknaming me ‘the Incredible Shrinking DJ.’”

Heavy his entire life, Anthony had never really exercised aside from playing football as a kid simply because he was “the biggest kid around.”

Soon, his mornings and afternoons included trips to the gym, long runs at the local high school’s track, and cycling around town. From only being able to walk 20 minutes on the gym treadmill to now running 5ks, Anthony says constantly setting and resetting goals kept him on the straight and narrow until he reached his current 140-pound weight loss.*

Once a size 6XL and pant size 56, he did the unimaginable just a few short months ago: he walked into a mainstream department store to buy clothes.

Unaware of his actual size, he began picking up size XL shirts and size 38 pants to see if he could possibly fit into them.

“I put them on, looked in the mirror and saw that they actually fit,” recalls Anthony. “I started laughing like a little kid and crying. I can shop in a normal store again.”

Recognized as the first place winner in the Men Age 18-35 Category of the 2011 Challenge, Anthony says he’s overwhelmed with gratitude for the recognition and $5,000 prize. He’s even starting to dream again.

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