Joe B.

Location: East Durham, New York
Age: 61
Height: 5’10”
Was: 232 lbs
Lost: 49 lbs, 13% body fat*
As Of: August 2008

Joe Reclaims His Life and Youth Through IsaBody Challenge®

Joe had no knowledge of Isagenix® when he stepped through the doors of a New Jersey hotel to attend an Isagenix University. Convinced by his chiropractor son to check out the company and its products, Joe reluctantly went along for the ride. Little did he know that by the end of the first day he would commit to changing his life forever through the 2008 IsaBody Challenge®. 

“I was inspired by the top leaders,” recalls 61-year-old Joe. “Everything just hit me and after I heard about the Challenge, I turned to the guy next to me and said I was going to participate and win my age group.” Though typically a humble person, Joe felt compelled to tell everyone at the event about his new goal, even though the only product he’d ever tried was Ionix® Supreme which was that day. At 232 pounds* and having struggled with numerous back injuries that kept him from being active, Joe was determined to reclaim his life and get back into the jeans he’d worn nearly two decades earlier. 

Through weekly cleansing and his daily IsaLean® Shakes, he felt more energetic and slowly incorporated strength training into his daily walking routine. Soon, he was 49 pounds lighter and leaner with only 15 percent body fat.* While he had committed to losing weight and boosting his health through the Challenge, he never forgot the words that popped out of his mouth during Isagenix University. On the days he struggled, his vow to win his age group echoed in his ears and he pushed himself further. Still, it was a shock when he received the phone call that he had been chosen as a Challenge top finalist and then ultimately, the first-place winner in the men's 60+ age category. 

“It’s like I’m walking on air and feel like I am on top of the world right now,” shares Joe. “For so long it felt like I would take one step forward toward better health only to take two steps back again. People see that I’m a different person now.” His son recently commented to his mother that “We’ve got the old Dad back.” Though it took a while to find the solution, Joe says he’s cherishing every moment of his newfound life. His wife even lost 30 pounds* and is back to looking like she did when they got married 35 years ago. “The outward appearance is just the tip of the iceberg,” says Joe. “Isagenix is a gift and I want to share it with others and be a role model to prove that anything is possible.”

The individuals pictured are actual Isagenix Associates and not paid models.

*Weight loss should not be considered typical. In a study performed in 2012 by University of Illinois at Chicago researchers, subjects lost an average of 9 pounds with an average of 2 pounds of the loss from visceral fat after 30 days on an Isagenix system. The subjects also had a greater level of adherence and had more consistent weight loss from week to week compared to subjects on a traditional diet.

** Earning levels for Isagenix Independent Associates that appear in this publication are examples and should not be construed as typical or average. Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual Associate’s business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity, and demographic factors. For average earnings, see the Isagenix Independent Associate Earnings Statement found at

Isagenix Millionaires are defined as Isagenix Associates who have cumulatively earned $1 million or more with Isagenix.

Joe’s Success Tips

  • Don’t procrastinate. Shake those negative feelings and push even harder by spending more time exercising or eating healthier.
  • If you hit a weight-loss plateau, work a little harder during your exercise routine.
  • For extra energy before your workout in the morning, take Ionix® Supreme when you first wake up and then have your IsaLean® Shake after your workout.

Favorite Products

  • Ionix® Supreme
  • Isagenix Greens!™
  • IsaDermix® skincare products
  • IsaOmega Supreme®
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