Shawna J.

Location: Northport, WA 
Lost: 44 lbs*
As Of: August 2007

Shawna Saves the Best for Last

I am a proud mom of five who is now 44 pounds lighter.* And that is not the only thing that has transformed—finding Isagenix brought me newfound respect for myself and a renewed appreciation for the life I enjoyed before gaining weight. 

I didn’t want my body to look like it has had five children. I used to be athletic and healthy. It troubled me to slowly watch my quality of life erode. I needed a change and I needed it fast.

I look at myself now and realize I am a gleaming representation of what Isagenix can do to help people regain their well–being. I was named a first-place winner of the 2007 IsaBody Challenge and was recognized with a cash prize onstage at Isagenix’s annual convention in Las Vegas. This prestigious award, which culminated after months of committing to a healthier life, was nothing short of astounding when you hear my story.

I realized months ago that gaining weight brought about so many unforeseen problems. I was struggling with severe fatigue and having unbearable skin irritation due to hormonal imbalances. I soon became depressed with an overwhelming feeling of sadness from not being able to participate in normal family activities that I had once enjoyed with my husband and kids. 

Although skeptical at first, I signed up to try Isagenix when my mother introduced it to me. I was sold within weeks, having seen amazing results with the Cleansing and Fat Burning System. I dropped 15 pounds!* After only a few more weeks, I had renewed energy and stamina and my skin had cleared up. It was so fast and so simple.

This tremendous accomplishment left me yearning for a chance to push myself further. The IsaBody Challenge was the perfect chance to continue losing weight, get into top shape and join fellow Isagenix success stories in achieving ultimate greatness. I’ve now resumed all my previous activities and taken up new ones, such as gardening, water skiing, bicycling and camping—with ease! I’m grateful to Isagenix for a second chance at a new and improved lifestyle.
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