Jeff and Alissa B.

Location: Strathroy, ON 
Lost: 16.5 inches*
As Of: August 2007

Couple Rediscovers Passion for Life

We are the proud first-place IsaBody Challenge Winners in the Couples Category and are working to translate teamwork to success—so far so good! 

The contest was the first for Isagenix, and brought people together in friendly competition to be rewarded for pursuing a healthier, happier life. In our case, working together not only brought us remarkable results, it brought our love for health, family and each other to new levels that had fallen short in recent months.

We never thought these were areas we would lack in. Both of us are careful about eating right and exercising. However, starting a family in the midst of career changes actually led us from being in our best shape ever to our being in our worst shape in a year. Our marriage suffered as a result of our unhappiness in our own bodies. That was not an image we wanted to portray.

We learned that being a part of Isagenix made achieving our goals both simple and fun. We lost a combined total of 16.5 inches from our waists, hips and thighs, 7 percent body fat and gained 8 pounds of lean muscle.* It’s now clear to us that how you live one part of your life is how you should live every part. We have a fresh outlook and are empowered by our transformation. Plus, we’re achieving new milestones and spending more time together as a family.

One recent high point was participating in a 16-kilometer road race in May 2007 with our son Brayden. We go hiking as a family and no longer make excuses to be inactive. The life-changing abundance Isagenix has brought to us means we will never settle for less again. Our results brought out the best in us as a couple.
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