Harvey H.

Location: Colorado
Lost: 40 lbs*
As Of: August 2007

"Banty" Hoover Goes the Extra Mile to Get His Life Back

"Who in the world is that big, fat guy in all the pictures?" 

No one ever said this aloud when my wife would share our scrapbooks with people, but I know that’s what they were thinking. Since my younger years, I had mutated from a fit and jovial tennis player and skier to a sore, sluggish man who couldn’t get comfortable enough to enjoy restful sleep. 

Look at me now! I am 40 pounds lighter* with the help of Isagenix. The IsaBody Challenge was the ideal opportunity for me to focus on a goal and achieve it. I was recognized not only as the second-place winner in the men’s 56 and older category, but also on a personal level for doing something to better my well-being.

Now I am the "true me" again. I enjoy the activities with my family that I once did. It’s so motivating to see the reaction I get from tennis buddies I have had for more than 15 years. They can’t believe my energy and quick-response time—I’ve astounded them. My wife and daughters have joined me in using Isagenix and have also experienced amazing results. 

The pictures don’t lie—with a little faith, dedication and support from loved ones, you too can discover success through Isagenix and regain your athlete within. 
The individuals pictured are actual Isagenix Associates and not paid models.

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