Yury P.

Location: Northbrook, Illinois
Age: 52
Height: 5’7’’
Was: 160 lbs
Lost: 10 lbs*
As Of: June 2009

Climb to Conquer Everest with Isagenix®

Scaling incredible heights ranks at the top of 52-year-old Yury’s “to do” list. An avid athlete and expert mountaineer, the Illinois resident initially tried Isagenix® in an effort to overcome a training plateau. Since then, Yury has discovered the products’ true potential and what started out as using Isagenix to lose a few pounds has quickly evolved into his greatest asset in conquering the climbing world’s greatest foe: Mount Everest. 

It all began as he prepared to climb Mt. McKinley, the highest mountain peak in North America. To tackle the looming, 20,320-foot Alaskan giant, Yury needed to attain his ideal body mass. He decided to try Isagenix and the Cleansing and Fat Burning System, hoping it would help him battle his stubborn body’s refusal to give up the extra pounds.

Yury says it was “amazing” to watch his bathroom scale tick downwards during his cleanse. Not only did he lose the 10 stubborn pounds,* but he also noticed some other important benefits in his training regimen, including moving faster and easier on the tennis courts during his cross training. 

Then, he was able to maintain the 10-pound weight loss for the remaining three months of his training, which included intense daily Stairmaster climbs with a backpack. It was ultimately the fact that he didn’t lose any weight on the actual climb that convinced Yury that Isagenix was for him. He believes that eating his IsaLean® Bars while on the climb made the difference. The best part was that they didn’t freeze into rock-hard, inedible chunks like other energy bars even in the sub-zero climate. 

Now that Yury has reached his ideal weight and conquered Mt. McKinley, he’s setting his eyes on Mount Everest. Isagenix remains an important part of his training plan, and will be one of the first items he packs for his trip to the top of the world. 

“I’m going to take IsaLean Bars with me and Want More Energy?®,” he says. “It’s going to be a two-month expedition and it’s a big challenge.”

As Yury prepares to conquer the world’s tallest peak, he’s dedicating the expedition to improving the environment and is raising money for the cause. He hopes he can raise money to protect the spectacular views as he’s been able to experience since he was 16. 

In the meantime, the ambitious climber is thrilled that his passion for the nutritious products has trickled down to the rest of his family: his wife Svetlana and daughter Olga. Everyone regularly drinks IsaLean Shakes for breakfast and Svetlana even packs her products to take with her when she’s away on business trips.

“It’s been a part of our life for two years. We have all felt a lot of improvement in our ability to work more, and our energy is better,” he says.
The individuals pictured are actual Isagenix Associates and not paid models.

*The weight-loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical. A 2008 university study showed a statistically significant weight loss of 7 pounds (3.2 kg) during the first nine days of the Cleansing and Fat Burning System.

**Earning levels for Isagenix® Associates should not be construed as representative of fixed or typical incomes earned with an Isagenix business, nor are they intended to represent that other Associates will eventually achieve the same level of income. Income level achievements are dependent upon individual business skills, personal ambition, timing, commitment, activity and demographic factors.

Yury’s Tips for Success

  • Stay focused. Long-term goals require long-term dedication.
  • Vary workouts. Yury plays tennis, practices yoga and lifts weights.
  • Balance the mental and physical.

Favorite Products

  • IsaLean® Bars
  • Want More Energy?®
  • Chocolate IsaLean® Shakes with frozen blueberries
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