Whitney P.

Location: Laguna Beach, CA
Age: 25
Height: 6'0"
Was: Size 6 
Lost: Two jean sizes*
As Of: May 2009

Isagenix® Sets Up Pro Beach Volleyball Player For Success

A professional beach volleyball player will spend the majority of the year outside on the beach doing what they love. But if you’re an up-and-coming star who’s still trying to make a name for yourself, you have to take it a step further and establish a rigorous training and nutritional regimen to gain an edge and achieve those lofty goals.

Thanks to her sister and Isagenix®, 25-year-old Whitney feels that she’s on the right path and on her way to making it to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

“I want to advance my career to the Olympics,” shares Whitney of California. “In order to do that, I need to be in the best shape and I know Isagenix will help.”

Playing in her fourth season as a professional, she knew something needed to change. Plagued by poor nutrition due to her frequent snacking and a self-described “addiction” to energy drinks, Whitney’s performance was stalled and she knew she needed to change. That’s when Whitney’s older sister introduced her to Isagenix.

“I don’t really know how to cook,” admits Whitney. “So I’d buy healthy foods or heat up low-calorie frozen meals for dinner, but I’d still be hungry and wind up snacking on junk food.”

Whitney also struggled during volleyball season, which stretches every year from March to September. The demands of playing multiple games and traveling frequently made it “easy to cheat and just grab junk.”

Since she began nourishing her body with Isagenix, Whitney has experienced incredible, energizing results giving her more confidence on the court. Not only has she dropped two jean sizes*, reduced her body fat percentage and gained muscle tone, she’s noticed that she’s able to keep up with her long training days and no longer finds herself reaching for sugar-laden, caffeinated energy drinks to keep up. 

“My sister said that I have ‘six-pack’ abs,” laughs Whitney.

In addition to practicing several hours on the beach and training in the gym, Whitney knows that her approach to a healthier nutritional regimen with Isagenix is the kill shot she’s been looking for.

“Since I’ve been using Isagenix, I’ve had more energy on the court and feel better in everyday activities,” says Whitney. “I love having my IsaLean® Shake early in the morning and even keep a bottle of Ionix® Supreme in my bag.”

She knows that she has the benefits of business opportunity from Isagenix, but the former Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) Rookie of the Year hopes to continue to ascend on the money list in addition to keeping an eye towards the next Olympics.

“I love Isagenix because it makes me feel better,” Whitney says. “I still might not have the confidence in the kitchen, but Isagenix has given me the confidence to go out and achieve my goals.”
The individuals pictured are actual Isagenix Associates and not paid models.

*The weight-loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical. A 2008 university study showed a statistically significant weight loss of 7 pounds (3.2 kg) during the first nine days of the Cleansing and Fat Burning System.

**Earning levels for Isagenix® Associates should not be construed as representative of fixed or typical incomes earned with an Isagenix business, nor are they intended to represent that other Associates will eventually achieve the same level of income. Income level achievements are dependent upon individual business skills, personal ambition, timing, commitment, activity and demographic factors.

Whitney’s Health Tips:

  • Have a close friend or family member commit to Isagenix® with you.
  • Make sure you always have enough of your Isagenix products on hand so you’re never waiting on your next shipment.
  • Have a IsaLean® Bar and Want More Energy?® after workouts so you don’t make poor snack decisions.
  • If you’re an athlete, start using the products prior to the start of your season to fuel your body with the right nutrients and stay energized.

Favorite Products:

  • IsaPro®
  • IsaLean® Shakes
  • IsaLean® Bars
  • Ionix® Supreme
  • Want More Energy?® in Orange
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