A program of convenience where a pre-selected order is shipped each month. Autoship orders provide additional savings and convenience to Associates and Customers.


All Associates regardless of achieved rank are eligible to earn retail profits, retail direct profits and product introduction bonuses (PIB), regardless of Personal Volume accumulated in any month.

Note: Any Associate earning compensation of less than $10.00 will have payment held until compensation totals are $10.00 or more.

Associates achieving a Rank will always be recognized at their highest-achieved rank but will be “paid as” their Paid As rank, depending on what their current activity for an earned commission period warrants.


The status when an Associate has 100 PV in the prior 30 days. You must be Active to accumulate BV.


Associates who are Active are eligible to accumulate Personal Volume over 100 PV and BV of Personally Enrolled Associates. Associates who are not Active will not accumulate any volume and will have any Holdover Volume reset to zero.


To be eligible to be a Paid As Consultant and accumulate Group Volume on both your Sales Teams—Left and Right —you must be Active and maintain a minimum of one Active Personally Enrolled Associate on each of your Sales Teams (Left and Right) at any time within the prior 30 days.

If you are Active but fail to maintain a minimum of one Active Personally Enrolled Associate on each Sales Team, you will hold existing Group Volume and accumulate only Personal Volume of more than 100 and the BV of your Personally Enrolled Associates. No Team GV beyond your Personally Enrolled Associates will accumulate until you are a Paid As Consultant.


To be eligible to be a Paid As Executive and be eligible for Matching Team Bonuses: Be an active Consultant and have a minimum of 10 Personally Enrolled Paid As Consultants (a minimum of five on each side) within the same month.


A Mega Cycle occurs whenever an Associate has accumulated GV and is paid an accumulated total of 100 Cycles. At the end of that business day, the Associate will have earned a Mega Cycle and maintain Holdover Volume of up to 150,000 GV in their Major Volume Sales Team and all Holdover Volume from their Minor Volume Sales Team.


A five-day grace period is added to the prior 30 days in determining Active status.