What Drives Us

Our Vision

To impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain, and in the process create the largest health and wellness company in the world.

Our Motto

If it's not right for the customers, it's not right for the company.

What Drives Us

At the foundation of our success is our firmly established culture, and a clear set of values that motivate, inspire, and drive us to achieve and exceed our goals. Isagenix is founded on 12 core values that define who we are at our core, as a company, and as One Team globally. With these values, we hold high expectations not only for our corporate team, but also for our Associates who are at the forefront of our growth, achievements, and accomplishments.

To support our long-term goal of preserving our culture—now and in the future—we put our values down on paper for the world to see.

We’re calling it What Drives Us.

What Drives Us embodies the Isagenix mission and describes what we stand for and what matters most to us. It helps articulate how we are successful and what binds us together as One Team all across the globe.

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    Health is the foundational pillar to living a magnificent life. Without health we have nothing. Health is the foundation of who we are, our number one priority, and our gift to the world.
    We are committed to impacting world health physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, and spiritually. This is reflected through our no-compromise products, which combine the best of science and nature to help anyone take control of their health.
    Isagenix is impacting world health by helping families integrate nourishing, convenient, and affordable solutions into their everyday lives.



    We believe you can have it all! Isagenix is committed to being the vehicle for people to create physical, emotional, spiritual, time, and financial freedom in their lives. You CAN live a life of passion, purpose, and fun! You CAN choose to do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want. Isagenix provides the environment, training, and mentorship that allow you to be free. You invoke the passion to do the hard work and you can achieve freedom at whatever level you desire.
    Claim the freedom to create your own dreams and unleash your full potential. Choose to be the best person you can be, not just the person you are expected to be. Make a greater impact on your loved ones and community, live a life of dignity and abundance, be the example of possibility, and be your own boss.



    Every day we challenge the status quo. We are always pushing for revolutionary solutions, service, ingredients, products, tools, and technologies. We are cutting edge and we never settle. 

    Isagenix is an innovative leader, delivering lifestyle solutions for health and wellness that result in a better you and a better world. Our innovative products are supported with strong science and research. Our innovative systems and tools produce proven results and propel our leaders to the next level. Everything we do is designed to integrate simply and seamlessly into people’s lives.


    We remain steadfast in our commitment to always do the right thing, the right way. We conduct ourselves each day with the same consistency and honesty as though others are taking notice, even if no one is watching. We hold ourselves, each other, and our company to the highest standards, and at the end of each day we will never need nor feel compelled to defend our actions.


    Contribution is at the core of Isagenix. We believe you never truly have anything until you share it. Making a difference in other 
    people’s lives, giving back, and serving others is a joy. 

    Contribution is more than giving money; it’s about giving part of yourself through your time, knowledge, love, assistance, and effort. Contribution also allows us to be part of something bigger than ourselves. When you contribute selflessly, without expecting 
    anything in return, it helps build self-esteem.

    We contribute to our families, to the less fortunate, to charitable causes, and to each other’s success so that together we can have the biggest impact on the world. We are committed to contributing to world health today and for generations to come.



    We believe gratitude is essential to a fulfilling life. Gratitude is understanding and appreciating the impact each of us has in creating positive change for ourselves, our friends, our families, our communities, and the world at large. At Isagenix, we celebrate the efforts and achievements of others no matter how great or small. We are grateful that we get the opportunity to share our products and culture with the world.


    At Isagenix, what you dare to dream you can achieve! We are a goal-driven organization that continually sets the bar high. As a company we continue to stretch and grow our impact on the world, our products, and the individuals who are part of our family. No matter the goal, we provide systems to accomplish time-bound, measurable outcomes. We are dedicated to reaching our goals while adhering to all of our core values. We take the time to celebrate our victories and our efforts. We reward ourselves and our team for their hard work and achievements. Then we set another goal and start striving anew. 


    The most important factor in reaching our goals is a powerful purpose, or “Why;” it’s the spark that ignites passion. With purpose and passion, discipline is never an issue – dreams are achieved, relationships are strengthened, all things are possible. We know that a strong “Why” improves our health, grows our business, supports our family, and helps achieve greater personal growth. We create our why, we live our why, and this is why we fly. 



    We believe in supporting individuals in unlocking their full potential. At Isagenix, we understand that we are all on a journey of individual growth and that growth is a continuous work in progress. We encourage, provide, and look for ways to nourish our body, mind, and spirit on a daily basis. We encourage everyone to dream, desire, and open their minds to see beyond what they thought possible. By embracing, accepting, and expanding our perspective, we can create the identity that we imagine, cultivate the best version of ourselves, and continue to inspire those around us.


    At Isagenix, our leaders are one of our most important assets. We are committed to developing and supporting leaders to create a global impact.
    Isagenix offers a compelling pathway that allows people to grow themselves and develop the skills to help others grow. We provide the support structure to help nurture people on the path of leadership. No matter your background, ethnicity, education, or where you are in your journey, we are committed to your personal growth and personal excellence.
    Not only do we offer a pathway to help you grow, we also provide significant recognition for your accomplishments along the way. 
    We believe in servant leadership, not authoritative leadership. A servant leader selflessly focuses on the growth and well-being of their families, their teams, and their communities. While traditional leadership generally involves the accumulation and exercise of power, servant leadership is different; the servant leader shares power, puts the needs of others first, and helps people develop and perform to the best of their ability.
  • FUN


    We believe that every day we paint our own picture. We focus on enjoying the experience life has to offer. At Isagenix we celebrate each other. We embrace and appreciate laughter, new experiences, and precious moments. Our goal is to experience life at the highest level through unconditional love, uncontrollable laughter, and an unwavering need to live out loud every day with everything we have. 


    Isagenix is unity. Isagenix is legacy. Isagenix is loyalty. 

    We will support you and believe in you through your highs and lows. Ego has no place here. Together, we achieve. Together, we break through. Together, we are family. We believe that people will always do more for others than they’ll ever do for themselves, and we cultivate this by creating and maintaining a strong family focus, from our corporate team to our amazing Associates around the world; we are one.