If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to get serious and cut out the unhealthy foods and drinks that will keep you from reaching your goal. Bottom line: By changing your dietary habits TODAY, your upcoming Cleanse Day will be much easier to complete.

So if you’re still drinking soda, diet soda or coffee, cut it out of your diet now—or drastically reduce your intake.

Some tips:
  • Replace your morning coffee with herbal tea.
  • Iced herbal tea is a great substitute for soda.
  • If pure water is too plain, add a squeeze of organic lemon or orange for a subtle hint of flavor.

Cleanse for Life® helps remove impurities

When you begin cleansing in a few days, the nutrients in the Cleanse for Life drink will help your body quickly and efficiently rid itself of impurities. However by reducing the number of potential impurities that get into your body, like caffeine and chemical sweeteners, BEFORE your Cleanse Day your body won't have to work as hard on the day of your Cleanse.

Keep up the good work
If you've been following the system, you may find the 30-Day to be getting easier because your body is adjusting to new, healthier habits. 

You'll have one more Shake Day tomorrow. When your first Cleanse Day arrives, it will be so much easier because you've prepared well. 

The IsaDiary™ Team