Many of the benefits of fiber are well known—supporting regularity, improving cholesterol levels and promoting heart health. It is also an important component of a Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishing lifestyle. 

But did you know that fiber may promote weight loss?

Fiber is filling. Foods with high fiber content take more energy and time to digest than many other types of food. This means it remains in your digestive system longer, which also means that you are fuller, longer—and it can also help sustain energy. 

A study conducted by Cardiff University in Wales, gave 150 men and women either high- or low-fiber cereal each morning for two weeks. The study showed that people who ate the most fiber also reported feeling the most energetic. The belief is that fiber slows down food absorption, which also means that nutrients are infused into the body slowly and steadily. 

Make sure you eat plenty of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, such as apples, berries and broccoli, before and after cleanse days. And don’t forget about these fiber-friendly products:

Isagenix FiberPro™ is an easy, effective way to get the fiber you need every day. Not only does it improve regularity with the five types of plant fiber, it also contains probiotics and Ionic Alfalfa™ to boost digestive health and improves the benefits of cleansing. 

IsaFlush® is targeted to help you, especially during Cleanse Days. It contains nutrients like magnesium that assists your body to naturally eliminate impurities completely and efficiently.

Take care of your digestive health with fiber and maximize overall wellness. 

The IsaDiary™ Team

Which other Isagenix products contain fiber?

IsaLean® Shake (Natural Creamy Vanilla and Chocolate) = 4 grams

IsaLean® Bar (Lemon Passion Crunch and Chocolate Decadence) = 3 grams

IsaLean® Soup (Classic Creamy Chicken) = 4 grams

IsaLean Soup (Savory Tomato) = 5 grams

SlimCakes® = 5 grams