Welcome to Isagenix! This company can be your vehicle for financial freedom and a lifetime of satisfaction by helping others. In addition to using and sharing the "no-compromise" high-quality cleansing, and nutrition products, the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan provides a logical and rewarding pathway to a better financial future. It rewards your personal efforts and allows you to leverage your time while helping others achieve their success. The plan is generous and provides a substantial income earning potential.


To become an Associate, submit an Independent Associate Application or complete an Online Enrollment Form. The purchase of a $50 AUD Associate Support System is required with your initial Application or Online Enrollment.


Personalized Associate Website and Associate Back Office: As an Associate you will receive, for one year, the Associate Support System, which includes your personalized Associate Website and access to your Associate Back Office.


Special value Product Introduction Paks can assist a new Associate in getting the fastest possible exposure to Isagenix products. While there is no product purchase required to be an Associate, your business will probably grow and duplicate more quickly if you’re a satisfied product user and have product on hand to share with others. We recommend that you choose Isagenix Product Introduction Paks that best suit the goals and needs for your business. The Business System option is only available if ordered at the time of signup or within 60 days of enrollment date.


As an Associate you can order products at wholesale cost (generally 33 percent off retail) directly from Isagenix and resell to your customers at retail. This enables you to earn up to 50 percent profit on product sold from your inventory.


As an Associate, you can also allow Customers to order products directly from the company through your Associate Website and earn Retail Direct Profits. This profit is calculated and paid to you weekly by subtracting the wholesale price, and a $4.95US administration fee from the Suggested Retail Price. The Business Volume (BV) from any Retail Direct Sales of 100 BV or more is treated as Personal Volume (PV). Any Excess Volume (more than 100 PV) will be credited to the Minor Volume Sales Team at time of purchase, generating additional Team Bonus Volume.


You will be eligible to earn a Product Introduction Bonus (PIB) should your Personally Enrolled Associates choose to order one or more of the company’s optional Product Introduction Paks directly from Isagenix at time of signup.

Note: All reorders and Autoships do not qualify for the Product Introduction Bonus (PIB).