Step 1. Become an Associate

As an Associate, you enjoy many benefits:

  • Save on all Isagenix products
  • Make money selling retail
  • Build your business by sharing your story
  • Work from home
  • Establish residual income
  • Set yourself financially free
  • Spend more free time with your family

To become an Associate, submit an Independent Associate Application or enroll as an Associate online. The purchase of an annual Isagenix Associate Support System for $50AUD is required with your Application or Online Enrollment. As an Associate, you’ll receive your own Associate Web site and unlimited access to your own Associate Support System for one year. You’ll also be entitled to purchase wholesale directly from Isagenix and earn Retail Profits, Retail Direct Profits, and be eligible for the Product Introductory Bonuses. Also, as an Associate, you’ll receive a Retail Business Center.

Step 2. Become An Isagenix Consultant

As a Consultant, you can enjoy the same benefits listed above for an Associate and can earn Team Bonuses.

To become a Consultant, all you need to do is maintain Active Status and then personally enroll at least one Active Associate on your Left Sales Team and one Active Associate on your right Sales Team within the same month.

A Team Bonus is earned when you generate a Cycle. Cycles occur in your RBC for every 900 points of Group Volume (GV) generated from the sales of Isagenix commissionable products from your entire two-team organization (provided at least one-third—i.e., 300GV—is in the Minor Volume Leg and at least two-thirds—i.e., 600GV—is in the Strong Volume Leg). Your RBC can Cycle multiple times daily.

Kathy's Quick Tip: Remember to use the power two for growing your business—one person on your Left Sales Team and one person on your Right Sales Team.

Step 3. Become an Executive

As an Executive, you enjoy the same benefits listed for an Associate and a Consultant and are eligible to earn 10 percent Matching Check Bonuses.

To become an Executive, all you have to do is personally enroll 10 Associates (five for each of your Left and Right Sales Teams) who are paid as Consultants or above within the same month.

Bonuses are calculated daily and paid weekly. Executives are subject to Personal Volume and maintenance requirements.